Battery Storage Course

Battery Storage Course
September 27, 2021 admosbtweb

Date(s) - 27/09/2021 - 29/09/2021
7:30 am - 3:30 pm

Online (via Zoom)

Theoretic training is run over three days with a Zoom class. Participants must then attend one of our Centres to complete the practical work.

The course is recognised by the CEC for Endorsement for Grid Connect-Storage. A Statement of Achievement will be issued with the two nationally accredited Units of Competency – UEERE4001 and UEERE5001.

Solar Grid Connect with Battery Storage enables the following possibilities;

  • Storing excess generation, especially for customers without access to high feed in tariffs
  • Storing power from the grid at lower ‘off peak’ rates and utilising later at higher ‘peak’ times
  • Guaranteed supply when the grid is not available or ‘down’ – this may depend on the inverter being used
  • Peak shaving for commercial customers to avoid penalties for excess use
  • Using ‘time of use’ tariffs if available to reduce network charges

The course will look at customers needs, inverter options, retrofitting of existing grid connected systems, battery maintenance/housing/sizing, Networks Regulations/SIRs and Australian Standards. As part of the practical work, two/three full installations will be completed by the class in our Training Centres. We limit this class to 12 participants. You work on ‘real systems’, and our training is delivered by experts in their field. Importantly, we are Contractors like you, actually doing this work.

All assessment is done in class time except for a ‘pre course’ assignment which is a refresher on the grid connect design and install requirements.

Participants must be licensed electricians and have completed the three units required for CEC Grid Connect Accreditation.

The course fee is $2180 (includes 1 day practical)