Electric Vehicle and Hybrid Electrical Safety for First Responders Course

HEVs can have voltages of up to 1000 volts, which presents some hazards for first responders and others working in the crash repair industry. Skillbuild have developed Australia’s first course to train Emergency Services and Crash Repair workers to deal with these voltages safely in their work environments.

Course Description

This 4 hour course will cover the following;

  1. Voltage levels in HEVs and how the wiring is placed in the vehicles
  2. PPE for working on HEV – eg, 1000 volt gloves
  3. Identifying HEVs
  4. Safety cut offs built into the vehicle
  5. Capacitor discharge
  6. Using emergency cutting equipment
  7. Swamped/flooded vehicles
  8. Battery chemistry – why Lithium Ion fires are difficult to extinguish
  9. Towing, crash repairs and salvage yards
  10. Storage of damaged vehicles
  11. AS 5732 Electric vehicle operations – Maintenance and repair
  12. Practical exercise on disconnection of battery pack in EV
  13. A short 20 question written quiz at the completion of the day to reinforce the course content


Skillbuild will issue a Statement of Attendance to verify that the participant has completed this training and understands the safety issues discussed.

Entry Requirements

Whilst aimed at ‘practitioners’, this course is also suitable for senior staff, managers and WH&S representatives. There are no formal pre-requisites.

What we provide

  1. Training Manual listing all the HEVs on the market and their procedures for isolation
  2. Access to our Dropbox folder with numerous resources continually updated
  3. Experts in their field delivering the course; Electrician and Auto Technician, not an Engineer

The course fee is $99 plus GST