Electric Vehicle Charging Course

Electric Vehicle Charging Course. Australia is on the verge of a transport revolution, and one of the most important features of this revolution is the capacity to charge Electric Vehicles (EVs) in workplaces, shopping centres, main street and domestic residences. Skillbuild will be running courses for Electricians who want to enhance their skills set and business opportunities in this area.

The course will cover the following;

  • AS 3000 requirements as outlined in the new version – Appendix P
  • EVs available in Australia
  • IEC 62196
  • Charging modes
  • Charging connectors and cable types
  • Local Council Planning Guidelines for on street charging
  • Electrical considerations – maximum demand, fault loop impedance, RCDs, voltage drop
  • Network requirements, where applicable
  • Use of EVs as a Battery Storage System for householders
  • Where to buy products
  • Practical work – wiring and testing an EV charger

Course Duration – 2 days. This is an unaccredited course and a Statement of Competency will be issued.

The course fee is $1500

Watch the video on the course