Frequently asked questions

What makes your courses different to what other RTOs offer?

  • We are Contractors and work in Industry every week, so our experience is current. Combined, our Trainers experience in Renewable Energy is 80 years – no other RTO in Australia could boast that.
  • We focus on providing a course that increases your employment and business opportunities; you will not be doing meaningless theory just to pad out the course.
  • We run courses in Regional areas, over weekends and at our seven Centres across Australia
  • When you ring us you talk to the Trainers, not layers of Admin staff.
  • We commit to supporting our participants after the course. We give technical advice and assist with designs and industry documentation.

How are the courses run?

  • Some courses are ‘face to face’ – Split Systems,  Electrical Contractors and Stand Alone Power Systems. That is because they need to be.
  • The others have a Zoom ‘on line’ component. You are in a virtual classroom so can have discussions and complete theory. We then travel to places all over Australia to deliver one day ‘Practicals’. Note that some places have more Practical days than others.
  • You can be anywhere in the country to participate in these courses.
What times do the courses run?
  • We like to start early so usually 7.30 am – 4.00 pm, whether on line or ‘face to face’. This is NSW time.
Is there any funding?
We have a group organised and want to know if you can come to us to deliver the course?
  • We have had 10 years of visiting mine sites, workplaces and small communities running these courses.
  • Go to this link to see where we have been Training Locations
I have seen other RTOs who have ‘sponsors’ and promote one product. Do you do this?
  • We pay for all our resources and have never accepted ‘freebies’ from manufacturers.
  • We tell it like it is, but without fear or favour.
  • We have spent close to a million dollars on equipment for our Centres over 10 years, and continually update.
  • Tesla 2 is the latest addition in some of our Centres.
Do you send students away to complete work after the course?
  • Are you kidding? They are too busy and would never finish it. Hitting the books after a busy day just doesn’t work.
  • We do require a pre-course assignment to be done though, but this take up to 3 hours and is an introduction to the course.
  • All work is completed in class time.
For additional information
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