Frequently Asked Questions

What makes your courses different to what other RTOs offer?

● We are Contractors and work in Industry every week, so our experience is current. Combined, our Trainers experience in Renewable Energy is 80 years – no other RTO in Australia could boast that.

● We focus on providing a course that increases your employment and business opportunities; you will not be doing meaningless theory just to pad out the course.

● We run courses in Regional areas, over weekends and at our seven Centres across Australia

● When you ring us you talk to the Trainers, not layers of Admin staff.

● We commit to supporting our participants after the course. We give technical advice and assist with designs and industry documentation.


How are the courses run?

● Some courses are ‘face to face’ – Split Systems,  Electrical Contractors and Stand Alone Power Systems. That is because they need to be.

● The others have a Zoom ‘online’ component. You are in a virtual classroom so can have discussions and complete theory. We then travel to places all over Australia to deliver one-day ‘Practicals’. Note that some places have more Practical days than others.

● You can be anywhere in the country to participate in these courses.


What times do the courses run?

● We like to start early so usually, 7.30 am – 4.00 pm, whether online or ‘face to face’. This is NSW time.


Is there any funding?

● Possibly but you can confirm this:

● ACT –

● WA –

● Tasmania –


We have a group organised and want to know if you can come to us to deliver the course?

● We have had 10 years of visiting mine sites, workplaces and small communities running these courses.

● Go to this link to see where we have been Training Locations


I have seen other RTOs who have ‘sponsors’ and promote one product. Do you do this?

● We pay for all our resources and have never accepted ‘freebies’ from manufacturers.

● We tell it like it is but without fear or favour.

● We have spent close to a million dollars on equipment for our Centres over 10 years and continually update.

● Tesla 2 is the latest addition in some of our Centres.


Do you send students away to complete work after the course

● Are you kidding? They are too busy and would never finish it. Hitting the books after a busy day just doesn’t work.

● We do require a pre-course assignment to be done though, but this takes up to 3 hours and is an introduction to the course.

● All work is completed in-class time.


Will I actually do some ‘hands-on’ practical work?

● We do more than just looking at systems and taking measurements. You will do simulated or real installs (Albury only).

● We have spent a lot of money on products and are installing Tesla, Fronius Gen 24, Sungrow, Solis and other emerging systems in all of our Centres. This means as a participant that you do the installing, configuring, testing and commissioning systems.

For additional information

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