Keeping up with the solar industry

Keeping up with the solar industry
February 7, 2017 admosbtweb
Keeping up with the solar industry

Keeping up with the solar industry?

Due to the changing nature of the renewable industry Justin Kearnes, an electrician and solar installer in the Central Coast of NSW decided to advance himself by learning the new technologies. He felt that with emerging storage market there is an opportunity to gain a larger stake in the solar market. His next choice was to find the right course.

The Skillbuild course off-grid and hybrid solar storage.

The first thing that drew his attention to the Skillbuild course was the fact that it ran for 4 days with 2 of those days on the weekend. We all know that when running your own business time is so important. Take 2 days away and it has a massive effect, take 4 days and you have lost the whole week. That time is money to the small business owner. It was this flexibility that Skillbuild says we’ll meet you halfway to minimise the impact on your business.

The training was immediately usable.

Have you ever completed some training and thought to yourself I can’t use this in my day to day activity? Well unlike other training the Skillbuild course had an immediate effect on Justin’s business. What he learnt in those 4 days he used straight away. Since completing that course, he has done over 15 battery installations. It has given him more opportunities to develop new business within the solar market. Because the training had a mixture of theory and hands-on practice, it gave him the confidence to promote his business into the off-grid and hybrid solar storage markets. And it is working. His business is now considered one of the good Solar Storage installers in the Central Coast area.

Confidence to take on new business.

Most people who have quality standards to do the right thing will not promote themselves until they are sure that they can get the job done. In this case, Justin had that confidence. “The course has given me the confidence that I know what I am doing,” Justin said, “It was the mixture of theory of hands on that did this. The technology was in the room and we actually wired a system from the ground up with instruction from the trainers. That was so good”.

Before taking on the course Justin could have fallen by the wayside as the solar industry moved into new areas. With this training, he has increased his business into a new area of Solar and Storage. Which just shows it is not always just learning something it is the way it is taught that makes the difference.


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