Available courses

Grid Connect Pre-Course

Answer all Part 1 questions using standards, CEC installs guidelines, and Learner Guide. Leave PART 2 for the class 

1) See Resource section in Moodle for CEC install guidelines and Learner Guide 

2) You must have AS 4777.1 and 5033 Standard to participate. SAI Global sell them if you can’t get them for free


The Grid Connect course offered by Skillbuild Training has been designed for licensed electricians who want to obtain accreditation from the Clean Energy Council (CEC). This will enable them to access incentives offered by the Federal Government for solar panel installations. The course on offer meets the requirements of the regulating body, the Clean Energy Council, for accreditation.

The training will be delivered through a combination of technical/theoretical training, and workshop practical training and assessment. The course covers the essential knowledge and skills required to meet industry requirements. The training is carried out over 4 days (with some pre-course work required) . We do a ‘real’ install as part of the training, not just look at systems. We also don’t send you away to do extra work in your own time.

Teacher: Mick Smith