Building on what you know

Building on what you know
February 7, 2017 admosbtweb
Battery Storage Endorsement course in Sydney

Building on what you know

Sometimes you know things but don’t have the qualification or are just a little bit rusty. That was the situation with Khoa Tan Doan a Solar installer who runs a company in Yagoona NSW. He had completed many Solar Storage installations in the past but always needed someone to sign off on the completion. Recently he decided to gain control over this by doing the Off-grid and Hybrid solar storage course at Skillbuild.

Learning the Storage side of Solar

His solar business was doing well but he loved adding the extra with the storage component. So, he started to look for a course that could give him the skills to learn about what to do as well as what new technology that was available. This course was perfect for a man who runs a medium size business dealing with mainly commercial Solar projects.

Training that gives him confidence

By doing this course it gave him the confidence to take on more work and better projects. “It was the hands-on practice that I got during the course that helped me to understand what I needed to do,” Doan said. “I can now look at a project and know that I will be able to provide what the customer needs. With my qualification I can now sign off on my own work, which is great,” he added.

Giving more than just training by being on site

There is a saying that goes, “when the student is ready the teacher arrives” and that was Doan’s case. Although he had been doing this for years he wasn’t sure on who would be the best teacher. Doan has had a great experience with Skillbuild. They have even helped him with some of the larger projects with that extra after course guidance that they offer. In fact, when I called and spoke to Doan he said he was on site with Diggaj Regmi one of the trainers of the Skillbuild off-grid courses. Diggaj was helping Doan with the finer more technical elements of his current project. On-site doing the work with him. Now that’s a dedicated trainer.


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