Self Employed Electrician Needed Solar Training

Self Employed Electrician Needed Solar Training
February 7, 2017 admosbtweb
Self Employed Electrician Needed Solar Training

Self Employed Electrician Needed Solar Training

Robert is a self-employed electrical contractor who works mainly in the Cootamundra area of NSW. Most of his work is done through larger contractors and he comes in at their request to do the electrical component of the project. It’s interesting work and he comes across a variety of situations. Lately, he has been running into a lot of Solar within the work he had been given.

Solar Industry Knowledge

He was aware of Solar power, being an electrician, but he really hadn’t the full knowledge of the industry. He knew that it was time to get that knowledge. One his major contractor companies said to him that they would like to put him on a Solar accreditation with Skillbuild Training. The training is carried out over 4 days (with some pre-course work required). It includes a ‘real’ install as part of the training, not just look at systems.

Learning how to design a Solar System

What he got out of the course was more than just learning how to design and wire a solar system. There is a large industry with regulations and ways to do things. “The course blew my mind,” Robert said. “There is so much more than just putting panels on a roof. There is a range of things I didn’t know, even a legal side which is so important”. That’s is why you should always be taught by the people who know every element of what is needed. Going with the wrong course you may never use what you learn. More importantly, you may do something that could get your business into trouble.

CEC Accredited

Robert can now work on any project that has a Solar element to it. He is now Clean Energy Council accredited. He still needs to do certain things, such as his first case study and ongoing projects and continuous development training. But the Solar Grid Connect Design and Install Course that Skillbuild has will give Robert every opportunity to work within this industry with confidence and ability. In fact, Robert now feels that this has given his contracting possibilities a boost as more projects will require a solar element.

What is next for Robert?

“The next step is doing the off-grid and Hybrid course,” he said, “I will be doing my first case study next week and want to get the solar side perfect first then we move on to other things. I am so glad I did this course as it has given me new skills and a new industry”.


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