Stand Alone Power Systems – CEC Accreditation

A course to enable Clean Energy Council Accreditation for designers and installers.

Stand Alone Power Systems Gap Course

A course for Electricians who have done their Battery Storage course. This course covers the design and installation of Stand Alone Power Systems.


This course is designed for electrical tradespeople with an unrestricted license and Solar Grid Connect and Battery Storage training. The units covered in this course meet the requirements for Stand Alone Accreditation with the Clean Energy Council.

The training will be delivered through a combination of technical/theoretical training, and workshop practical training where possible. The course covers the essential knowledge and skills required to meet industry requirements.

This four day course is Electricians who have done their Grid Connect and Battery Storage courses and want to obtain their SPS Accreditation. We deliver this courses in several of our Centres – details are on the website.


Upon successful completion, you will be issued with a Statement of Attainment listing the four Units of Competency covered in the course.

Course Outline


  • Energy Audits
  • Customer expectations and modifying consumption
  • Site Surveys
  • AC and DC coupling (or both)
  • Different Inverter choices
  • Different Battery Chemistry choices
  • Battery enclosures
  • Quoting and Terms and Conditions
  • Wind and Hydro Designs
  • Generator sizing and wiring
  • Cable , fuse/circuit breaker sizing
  • Solar Pumping Design
  • Standards – ASNZ 4509, 3000 and 5139


    • 12 volt systems
    • Solar pumping install with a ground mount system
    • SMA Sunny Island
    • Selectronic SP Pro
    • Lead Acid and Lithium batteries
    • Wiring generators to inverters
    • Commissioning and Maintenance
    • Victron System
    • Tesla


Units of competency Unit Code Unit Title
125A is part of the Grid Connect Course and so participants will have this unit



UEENEEK123A Carry out basic repairs to renewable energy apparatus
UEENEEK125A Solve basic problems in photovoltaic energy apparatus
UEENEEK128A Solve problems in stand alone renewable energy systems
UEENEEK134A Install ELV stand alone photovoltaic power systems
UEENEEK139A Design stand alone renewable energy (RE) systems


This is a technical course and electrical knowledge is assumed. The course is designed for people already employed in the electrical field, in particular electricians who have done the Grid Connect and Battery Storage Skills Set.


1. Unrestricted Electrical License
2. Previous attendance and completion of a Grid Connect Design and Install course and a Battery Storage Course.

Cost – $2480 (cost includes the GSES textbook)